Bugnion, the way to Intellectual Property

Founded in 1968, Bugnion S.p.A. ranks among the leading Italian and European industrial property consulting companies.

With its office network based throughout Italy, Bugnion enjoys remarkable international visibility and is a major player in the European set.

Thanks to an established tailor-made approach, Bugnion attorneys can effectively identify, protect and enhance ideas, while transforming them into key drivers of a corporate’s asset, besides helping clients achieve a competitive edge in the global market.

Currently totalling almost 250 staff, Bugnion’s network includes 17 offices in Italy, Germany, Spain and U.S.

With a pool of almost 90 qualified attorneys, Bugnion handles more than 9,000 clients all over the world, more than 40,000 patents, models and designs and more than 62,000 trademarks.

Sustained by a legal, technical, scientific and linguistic background and a wide-ranging professional expertise both nationwide and worldwide, Bugnion also relies on a dense network of highly qualified counterparts in the industry, capable of best interpreting the needs of entrepreneurs to help them growing. Together.

Bugnion, the way to… Intellectual Property