Promoting and fostering innovation is part of our DNA.

The goal of Bugnion InnovationLab is to provide expert support to IP management activities in the development of innovative projects and technologies in the Italian ecosystem.

Together with the major players in the national innovation arena, we develop, sustain, and support new initiatives to promote the benefits and the value of IP as a strategic driver of innovation and competitiveness of our clients.

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On-going projects:

IP Funding

We identify and suggest the major funding opportunities from regional, national, and European sources to build, develop, and exploit your IP portfolio.

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We support Italian innovative start-ups  through the challenging process of identification, protection, and exploitation of their IP.

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TT 4 Health

We are committed to working with you in promoting in the Life Science sector. We have recently established a Tech Transfer initiative to help inventors in searching for a licensee and capitalize on their IP rights.

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