Copyright protection extends to all "original human works" of a creative nature, regardless of the method, form or expression used.

These might include literary works, musical works or compositions, software, the visual arts, designs, as well as works in the photography, film and theatre, engineering and architecture fields.

An author gains an obvious advantage from having reliable proof of authorship of a work and of its date of creation by filing the work with the relevant offices. But it's when legal action is threatened that the real importance of filing becomes clear, because the burden of proof of "prior art" immediately falls on the other party.

Whenever property rights over a work are transferred, close attention needs to be paid to how to govern the relationship between the creator of a work and those commissioning or buying it.

That's why protecting and managing your intellectual property rights has to be seen as an absolute priority: by choosing Bugnion, you can count on a team of experienced and expert attorneys with a proven track record in the field stretching back more than 50 years, who will be able to take you step-by-step through the process of protecting and getting the most out of your work.

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Our services:

  • Copyright analysis and drafting of copyright opinions.
  • Consultancy for drafting and reviewing copyright-related legal documents and contracts (e.g. agreements for licensing and assignment of exploitation rights, for granting or transfer of rights, or for image use and/or assignment of reproduction rights; releases/authorisations for publication of photos and videos; confidentiality agreements for IP protection).
  • Filing of unpublished works and computer programmes.