Bugnion SpA and our professionals have received and regularly receive some of the most important awards in the field of intellectual property. Our experience, our expertise in the management and enhancement of patents, trademarks and designs and our attitude to innovation regularly place us at the top of international rankings.

WTR 1000 – The World’s Leading Trademark Professionals – 2022

According to WTR 1000:

“Excellent counsel and an extremely effective service” are the order of the day at Bugnion. “Its practitioners are the very definition of professional, provide innovative solutions – even in deadlock situations – and stand for the highest quality of work in Europe.” The outfit maintains an impressive presence on the continent – with a total of 15 offices, in addition to a Los Angeles outpost and Japan desk – and has 77 attorneys who tend to over 9,000 brand owners and oversee 60,000-plus marks. Reflecting its strength in depth, six of its practitioners – Donatella PrandinPaola StefanelliSimone Verducci GallettiAlessandro ManniniFabio Angelini and Stefano Ferro – are ranked in the WTR 1000 this year. Overseeing operations in Milan, Prandin has an energy and passion for trademarks which make her a client favourite. Of Stefanelli, one patron enthuses: “Paola is always well prepared, advises effectively and solves problems in a very clever way. She makes sure that we have all the relevant factors to consider before we make a decision.” “Simone stands out for his robust technical approach, pragmatism and creativity. He is a first-class professional who finds the best solution to every case; his efficiency is extraordinary.” Mannini and Angelini also receive rave reviews. “Alessandro’s work is exceptionally done and always timely. He is responsive, devises practical, sound strategies and is super-easy to work with. Overall, he is at the top of his game.” “Fabio excels at providing clear, precise opinions and his advice is consistently accurate, and based on real-world business and legal risks. He is an effective advocate and works well with opposing counsel to resolve matters before they spiral into expensive and unresolvable disputes.” Joining the troop in the guide this year, Ferro “always pulls through for his clients. He is super-helpful, understands the nuances of Italian practice and thinks costeffectively”.


Awards and recommended professionals: Donatella Prandin, Paola Stefanelli, Simone Verducci Galletti, Alessandro Mannini, Fabio Angelini, Stefano Ferro

Business Sustainability Ratings – EcoVadis 2021

Bugnion awarded the silver medal for his environmental, social and ethical performances.

Legal Award 2021

Bugnion was included in the ranking of the best lawyers and the best corporate law firms 2021 in the Intellectual Property section (PBV Monitor research, published by Milano Finanza) with the lawyers Elena Tripodi and Paolo Creta (of counsel) in the Selected category.

Awards and recommended professionals: Elena Tripodi, Paolo Creta

Europe’s Leading Patent Law Firms 2021 – Financial Times

Bugnion is a recommended Patent Law Firm by Financial Times

Intellectual Asset Management Patent 1000 – The World’s Leading Patent Practitioners – 2021

Bugnion is a Recommended Firm by IAM Patent 1000

According to this publication:

“With 13 desks in Italy and a further three branches in Alicante, Munich and Los Angeles, Bugnion is a premier destination for domestic and international corporations seeking ironclad protection for their most valuable assets. Milan-based Cristina Biggi stands out among a star-studded line-up. Having stepped up to the plate before the Italian PTO, EPO and WIPO, and earned a PhD in organic chemistry, Biggi offers invaluable expertise to pharmaceutical giants with complex prosecution and enforcementneeds.”


Awards and recommended professionals: Cristina Biggi

WTR 1000 – The World’s Leading Trademark Professionals – 2021

According to WTR 1000:

“Collaborative and responsive, Bugnion always works to a very high standard. It understands commercial realities and can advance IP strategies with flawless results. Its geographical coverage is a major advantage too” – it maintains 16 offices across Europe and the United States, as well as a Japan desk, established through collaboration with an Osaka-based firm. It frequently ranks among the top filers of EU trademarks; with 70 practitioners tending to some 45,000-plus marks, this comes as no surprise. An A-star line-up comprises Donatella PrandinPaola StefanelliSimone Verducci GallettiAlessandro Mannini and Fabio Angelini. Heading up its Milan operations, Prandin manages marks astutely, as does her colleague Stefanelli; while Verducci Galletti devises impeccable strategies with a view to enhancing portfolios. Overseeing things in Florence, Mannini “always comes prepared and is great at building client relationships”. In the words of one foreign associate: “Fabio is outstanding and you can say that for a fact. He is incredibly bright, super-personable and really understands the businesses heassists”.

Awards and recommended professionals: Donatella Prandin, Paola Stefanelli, Simone Verducci Galletti, Alessandro Mannini, Fabio Angelini

Managing Intellectual Property World IP Stars Survey – 2021

IP Stars 2021 ranks Bugnion in Tier 1 for trademark prosecution – patent & trademark attorney firms and Tier 2 for Patent Prosecution

WTR 1000 – The World’s Leading Trademark Professionals – 2020

According to WTR 1000:

“Bugnion is perfectly positioned for companies with international ambitions. Not only does it deploy a refined prosecution offering out of 16 offices across Italy and the United States, but it also recently established a presence in Japan through its collaboration with an Osaka-based firm. With over 70 attorneys manning the desks throughout Italy, the agency is consistently at the top of the filing charts. The dream team is made up of Milan situated spearhead Donatella Prandin, “client focused and perceptive strategist Simone Verducci Galletti, solution-oriented partner Alessandro Mannini, “assertive” former Intel attorney Fabio Angelini and “the ever reliable and practical” Paola Stefanelli, who debuts in the WTR 1000 this year.”

Awards and recommended professionals: Simone Verducci Galletti, Donatella Prandin, Alessandro Mannini, Fabio Angelini, Paola Stefanelli

WTR 1000 – The World’s Leading Trademark Professionals – 2019

Accornding to this publication:

“A landmark on the Italian IP landscape,” Bugnion recently celebrated its 50th anniversary. The firm has international clout and maintains 16 offices across Europe and the United States and a staff of over 200 people, including 70 qualified attorneys. The impressive stats do not stop there; the prolific filer manages 27,000 patents and over 45,000 trademarks and acts for a stable of 8,000 clients. Thriving in an environment in which speed and accuracy are crucial are Milan office head Donatella Prandin, “distinguished professional” Simone Verducci Galletti, perceptive strategist Alessandro Mannini and commercially minded former Intel senior attorney Fabio Angelini.

Awards and recommended professionals: Donatella Prandin, Alessandro Mannini, Fabio Angelini

Global IP Awards 2019

On 30 January 2019, in London, during the Global IP Awards, Bugnion has won a prestigious award: Trademark Attorney Firm of the year.

Fabio Angelini, Marco Limido, Alberto Pelosi, Donatella Prandin, Simone Verducci has taken part in the ceremony. They received the award, the result of the work of all the professionals and the entire Bugnion staff. Another guarantee of the high quality and effectiveness of the consultancy offered by Bugnion S.p.A.