WTR DAILY – 8 May 2024

CFA v CEFA: General Court considers similarity of acronyms

WTR DAILY – 25 January 2024

General Court scrutinises complementarity of Class 33 goods andClass 35 services

WTR DAILY – 13 October 2023

EUIPO Board of Appeal upholds refusal to register virtual firearm as a trademark

Kluwer Trademark Blog – 6 October 2023

Brothers in arms. The EUIPO defends its Board of Appeals’ jurisdiction (and its own) and the CJEU allows an(other) appeal to proceed.

WTR DAILY – 15 June 2023

Victory for Ferrero in Tic Tac shape mark case

WTR DAILY – March 2023

Consumer perception of trademarks on fast-moving consumer goods: weight of visual impression overcomes high degree of phonetic similarity

Kluwer Trademark Blog – 7 February 2023

“Legally unnecessary and detrimental to the economy of the proceedings”. A chance to change EUIPO’s practice on conversion?

WTR DAILY – 7 February 2023

New administrative procedure for invalidation and revocation oftrademarks: key points and implications

WTR DAILY – 28 November 2022

General Court confi rms lack of likelihood of confusion between marksrepresenting a head

Kluwer Trademark Blog – 22 October 2022

Dangers unknown? A trademark may cause liabilities greater than you think.

Kluwer Trademark Blog – 23 August 2022

Wake up and do something! Acquiescence explained.

World Ip Review – August 2022

AC Milan’s trademark defeat: a misfire over meaning

World Ip Review – 23 June 2022

Italy: Future changes to patent laws

WTR DAILY – June 2022

With trademark conflicts on the rise, General Court takes more lenient approach to use requirement

World Ip Review – 24 April 2022

Italy: what you need to know about the IP upgrade

The Fashion Law – 25 October 2021

What Are Brands’ Opportunities and Risks in the Metaverse?

Inta News – 6 October 2021

An Update from INTA’s TOPC—TM5 Subcommittee

WTR DAILY – 4 October 2021

General Court considers cancellation of register entries containing errors attributable to the EUIPO

World Ip Review – 29 September 2021

Italy jurisdiction report: A change in IP philosophy

Future of IP – 5 August 2021

G1/19 and a game of golf: non-obviousness is a par-3 hole

Kluwer Trademark Blog– 23 July 2021

OK. Everyone knows MESSI. But Miley Cyrus?

WTR Global Leaders 2021– 15 July 2021

World Ip Review– 2 June 2021

Italy copyright: A complicated picture

WTR Global Leaders – 27 May 2021

Priority periods do the long jump: RCD may claim priority from PCT application within 12 months

World Trademark Review Daily – 27 May 2021

Priority periods do the long jump: RCD may claim priority from PCT application within 12 months

World Ip Review– 25 May 2021

Italy jurisdiction report: Copyright in industrial design

Kluwer Trademark Blog – 27 May 2021

“SOMETIMES THEY COME BACK”….. Horror movie? No – General Court of the EU on colour combinations!

Kluwer Trademark Blog – 26 April 2021

The” allure” of a famous place as a potential absolute ground of refusal?

WTR Daily – April 2021

Battle of the soles - or the importance of the ‘informed user’ in RCD cases

ECTA Bulletin – March 2021

'One, No One, and One Hundred thousand’. The Continuing Unfathomable Nature of Bad Faith

Kluwer Trademark Blog – 29 March 2021

Phonetic similarity, even to a high degree, is not enough to cause confusion, the General Court says

World Ip Review – 29 March 2021

Italy jurisdiction report: Application of the doctrine of equivalents in Italy

World Ip Review – 3 March 2021

Virtual hearings: Legality goes online

World Ip Review – January 2021

Italy jurisdiction report: Complying with public morality

World Trademark Review – Winter 2020

Image rights: when the product is us

World Trademark Review – Autumn 2020

Copyright’s revenge on designs: Italian Supreme Court applies CJEU Cofemel ruling

Kluwer Trademark Blog – 22 October 2020

Green is the new black. But in 2003 that was not the case, says the CJEU

Future of IP – Autumn 2020

Giancarlo Penza of Bugnion examines the different elements involved in establishing a FRAND licence, including NDAs, counter-offers and litigation

Kluwer Trademark Blog – 1 October 2020

Is the CJEU finally reconsidering LOC for weak marks? PRIMA v. PRIMART

World Trademark Review – Summer 2020

Challenging times: anti-counterfeiting in the age of covid-19

World Ip Review – 7 August 2020

The mystery and mastery of double patenting

World Ip Review – 17 August 2020

Italy jurisdiction report: A penalty kick for famous names

Kluwer Trademark Blog – August 2020

Is the CJEU finally reconsidering LOC for weak marks? PRIMA v. PRIMART

World Trademark Review Daily – 17 August 2020

ABA – International IP Legal Updates– August 2020

Kluwer Trademark Blog – 10 July 2020

A distinction without a difference: what about non-EU languages? In particular: Chinese and Russian

Kluwer Trademark Blog – 1 July 2020

All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others. Time to rethink the EUTM “unitary character”

World Trademark Review – Spring 2020

Kluwer Trademark Blog – May 2020

The Italian “Historic Trademark of National Interest” is now available, but no one knows its real purpose

World Ip Review – April 2020

Italy jurisdiction report: Historical trademarks of national interest

Kluwer Trademark Blog – April 2020

There are more things …than are dreamt of in your philosophy: Damages for infringing a revoked and unused trademark? Yes says the CJEU…

French.people.cn – 3 March 2020

Kluwer Trademark Blog – March 2020

An increasing value for freedom of expression in trademark law?

xinhuanet.com – March 1 2020

Kluwer Trademark Blog – February 2020

Now we know it for a fact: amphoras are not usually made of glass

World Trademark Review – Winter 2020

Kluwer Trademark Blog – January 2020

Der Grüne Punkt: CJEU says yes to genuine use of the collective “recycling packaging” trademark

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Italy jurisdiction report: A pair of interesting decisions

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