Increasingly, a domain name can be seen as a type of trademark, something that makes a company or brand stand out and sets it apart from its competitors.

Thanks to over 50 years of past experience in the intellectual property area, Bugnion has developed considerable web-related expertise, making it the ideal partner to help businesses choose the right protection strategies, tailored to their individual needs.

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Our services:

Domain portfolio frontier strategy

Where is it best to register your domain name? Together we can map out an agreed path based on your company’s specific market needs.

Recovery of third-party registered domain names

What if your chosen domain name is already being used by someone else? We can study the best course of action to protect your corporate identity. If your company has a prior right to use a domain name, we can recover it out-of-court, or take court action if necessary.

Where there is no prior right, we can guide your company through confidential negotiations with the relevant domain holder, helping with contracts and overseeing the domain purchase operation to safeguard your interests.

Fighting counterfeiting online

Is there a way to monitor and combat online sale of counterfeit goods? We can conduct automatic web searches for all possible trademark infringements on any platform using integrated hardware and software infrastructure and advanced AI systems. The data is then collated and filtered by analysts and attorneys.
Where any wrongdoing is identified, we will notify the relevant social network and marketplace service providers and demand removal of all adverts for counterfeit products. Our online anti-counterfeiting services combine the in-depth technical, IT and legal expertise required to tackle the widespread and multifaceted issue of online IPR infringements.