The goal of our Tech Transfer Office is to foster innovation by translating new inventions through the commercialization process.

Specifically, we aim to gather life science inventions and innovations discovered or patented by our clients (academic researchers, private individuals, or small and medium-size companies), and provide inventors and entrepreneurs with the best support and infrastructure to help them turn these inventions into commercial products beneficial to society.

Our Tech Transfer initiative is developed to assist our clients in an additional step of their technology valorization process: the commercialization.

Commercialization may originate in different forms: as a licensee, a partner interested in co-developing a product, or a sponsor willing to financially support the project.

Our Tech Transfer initiative is for:

  • Clients who have an innovative technology with a strong IP
  • Clients who search for partners to co-develop the product
  • Clients who search for a licensee to lead the development of the product
  • Clients who want to financially benefit from licensing or transferring the ownership of the IP

In addition, in collaboration with the IP-UP program, we assist our start-ups in fully protecting and exploiting the value of their IP.

For additional information, please contact us. We’re here to help

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