Targeting start-ups and SMEs, the service is designed to help them manage and enhance Intellectual Property in research and innovation partnerships 

A leader in Intellectual Property rights, Bugnion gets in the game to help SMEs and start-ups from across Europe in the framework of the project Horizon IP Scan: a service the European Commission decided to provide to all the businesses which joined Horizon 2020 or the follow-up project Horizon Europe.
As a matter of fact, the European Commission has appointed three of Bugnion’s experts who, as members of the IP specialists network, will contribute their know-how and expertise with a mind to supporting a pool of companies participating in EU-funded partnership research projects.
The goal is to help businesses protect and enhance shared Intellectual Property rights. As Bugnion’s specialists Cristina Biggi, Silvia Dondi and Fulvio Miraglia claim: “We have already begun supporting two companies which joined innovation-driven initiatives on an international scale. A truly interesting challenge: the efficient management of IP in the framework of European partnership projects providing for the participation of Research Bodies, SMEs and start-ups, has always been as complex and crucial a theme for these initiatives to be successful. With the aid of our background and expertise, we hope to improve the management of IP in EU-funded research and innovation projects as well as maximise the impact which ensuing results will have on European citizens’ lives”.

Focus: Horizon IP Scan

The project came into being inspired by a simple concept: the awareness that the management of IP plays a crucial role throughout the life cycle of research and innovation projects.
However, SMEs often struggle when it comes to evaluating and protecting Intellectual Property deriving from Research and Innovation partnerships. It is all the more so when we consider that developing a strategy for the management and exploitation of new IPs, first and foremost when generated in collaboration with other partners, may prove extremely complex.

Horizon IP Scan is designed to meet this very need: a support service targeting small and medium-sized enterprises and start-ups cooperating within Horizon 2020 and Horizon Europe projects, to address and cope with IP issues likely to arise during the various phases of a project or a partnership research.

Bugnion confidently resolved to face this challenge with a view to sustaining momentum and partnership among the most innovative enterprises across Europe.