Author: Fabio Angelini

The Italian IP Office has published its draft strategic plan for the period 2021-2023 (find the full text at: and in an initiative which is a first in decades of operation and which shows a somewhat different approach to the challenges of this new world, is seeking comments  from users.

The idea for a strategic plan originated by the European Commission’s “Action Plan on Intellectual Property to Support EU Recovery and Resilience”,  adopted on November 25, 2020, which  concluded with an invitation to member states to formulate their national policies and strategies in line with the stated objectives and to make the strengthening of intellectual property protection and enforcement a priority in their efforts to ensure economic recovery. Thus the Ministry of Economic Development (of which the Italian IP Office is part of) has taken up the invitation of the European Commission.

The draft strategic plan  focuses on 5 “challenges”:

Challenge 1, “Improving the system of industrial property protection”, with the following specific objectives: 1.1 Update legislation; 1.2 Enable the use of fast, effective and low-cost procedures; 1.3 Promote integration between systems and the development of new services; 1.4 Complete the implementation of the Unified Patent System; 1.5 Optimize the complementary protection certificate system; 1.6 Promote IP culture.

Challenge 2, “Incentivize the use of IP, particularly by SMEs”, with the following specific objectives: 2.1 Ensure financial support for IP stock enhancement tools; 2.2 Support access to specialized consulting services; 2.3 Promote actions for the economic evaluation of IP rights; 2.4 Valorize the results of public research by promoting patents; 2.5 Strengthen territorial networks of assistance to businesses.

Challenge 3, “Facilitating access to and awareness of patents”, with the following specific objectives: 3.1 Verify the possibilities of access to IP in crisis situations; facilitating voluntary agreements; 3.2 Make patent information available.

Challenge 4, “Ensuring Stronger Enforcement of Industrial Property”, with the following specific objectives: 4.1 Increase knowledge of the counterfeit market; 4.2 Update the legislation for the fight against counterfeiting; 4.3 Raise public awareness of the damage caused by counterfeiting; 4.4 Promote synergies among enforcement operators; 4.5 Support companies in the fight against counterfeiting

Challenge 5, “Strengthen the role of Italy at international level”, with the following specific objectives: 5.1 Actively participate in the work of the community; 5.2 Support the implementation of the Unitary Patent package; 5.3 Strengthen the engagement in international bodies; 5.4 Promote bilateral collaborations.

The public  consultation will end on May 31 and comments may be sent to the following email address  [email protected], with the adoption of the final text by June and the definition of a draft bill to revise the Intellectual Property Code by mid July.

May 2021